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Did You Get Hurt at Ford?

Hello, I’m Ched Jennings, Founder of the Jennings Law Offices in Louisville.  Did you get hurt at Ford?  If you work for Ford Motor Company and you get injured on the job, your supervisor is going to send you to Ford Medical.  This are the “company doctors.”

Ford has the right to have you examined, BUT what they don’t tell you is you have the right to pick your own doctor for treatment.  It’s the law in Kentucky.

Your own doctor is independent and will have your best interest at heart.  He or she won’t try to tell you to go back to work, before you’re medically able.  You own doctor will order the proper medical tests (such as an MRI) and prescribe the medications you need.


Work injuries are serious and you need to receive the RIGHT medical treatment.  While some workplace injuries might include cuts or scrapes, there are also serious injuries such as low-back injuries, shoulder injuries or injuries due to repetitive motion.  Some of the injuries might require surgery and extensive time off of work to properly recover.

The goal of the Kentucky workers’ compensation system is to get injured workers the proper care they deserve, so you can recover and continue to work.  Our workers’ compensation system provides excellent benefits.  If you’ve been injured in a Ford plant, you deserve all of the benefits you’re eligible to receive.

Did you get hurt at Ford?

In 40 years, I’ve handled A LOT of Ford cases.  In fact, I have a specific page on my website for UAW Local 862.  In these situations, Experience Matters.

I’m Kentucky workers’ compensation attorney Ched Jennings.  Feel free to contact me to find out what else you need to know.  If you were hurt at Ford, we should talk.

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