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Getting Kentucky Workers’ Comp Benefits

Hello, I’m Ched Jennings, Founder of the Jennings Law Offices in Louisville.  Let’s talk about getting Kentucky workers’ comp benefits.  Most people understand that if you work in Kentucky and get hurt on the job, you can apply for workers’ comp.  However, if you work for a Kentucky company and have a work-related injury, OUTSIDE of Kentucky, you’re still entitled to receive Kentucky workers’ compensation benefits.

If you work for a company not located in Kentucky but get hurt WHILE working IN Kentucky, you’re qualified for workers’ comp benefits in Kentucky.

Why is this important?  It’s because the benefits here in Kentucky are normally better for the injured worker than in other states.

It doesn’t matter WHERE you live.  What matters is whether it’s a Kentucky claim entitling you to Kentucky workers’ compensation benefits.

It’s not as complicated as it might sound – or WHAT you’re being told by your employer or the insurance company.

I’m Ched Jennings and I’m a Kentucky workers’ comp attorney.  We can talk more about your situation, during our initial interview.  Remember, at the Jennings Law Offices, there’s no charge for my initial interview with you.

We can handle claims in all 120 Kentucky counties.  If you live outside of Kentucky, we’ll help to determine if we can help you in getting Kentucky workers’ comp benefits.

Contact us to schedule your free consultation. Our office phone number is (502) 583-3882.


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