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Workers’ Compensation Payments

Southern Indiana and Kentucky Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Based in Louisville

Kentucky Workers' Compensation Claims BenefitsWhat financial costs and wages can you recover through workers’ compensation benefits for a work related injury and workers compensation claim?  How can your family get by without your regular income?  The experienced workers compensation attorneys at The Jennings Law Office will explain your benefits and the workers’ compensation payments you are eligible to receive.  We will help you to understand the process and work to ensure your claim is submitted and approved in the shortest possible time frame.

We have helped countless clients to successfully appeal their Kentucky workers’ comp denial or their denied Indiana workers’ compensation claims to receive the benefits they are entitled to for more than 50 years.

What Compensation is Covered When Someone is Injured at Work?

Kentucky Workers' Compensation AttorneyThere are too many ways you can be injured at work to list here, but there are several types of workers compensation benefits available to those who are injured at work in Kentucky or Indiana, and you might also qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits as well.  This includes:

Lost Wages During Your Recovery.  Injured workers are entitled to recover part or all of the wages you would have earned if you had not been injured at work.

Medical Costs.  The cost for your trip to an urgent care, emergency room or hospitalization as well as visits to your doctor and any specialists should be covered.  This will include occupational retraining or physical therapy treatments as well as the cost of any prescription medication associated with your injury.

Reimbursement for mileage.  It costs to travel to and from the various offices of medical professionals and therapists and to pick up prescription medications associated with a work injury.  Our attorneys may be able to help you to recover reimbursement for the expenses associated with these trips.

Temporary disability.  It may take a while to regain full use of your arms, legs, fingers and other parts of your body after a work-related injury.  You are entitled to workers compensation benefits when you are temporarily totally disabled and cannot return to work.  The laws in Kentucky and Indiana differ when the disability is temporary and partial.  The attorneys at The Jennings Law Office will help you to understand your benefits and work to ensure you receive the maximum benefits you deserve.

Permanent disability.  When an injury at work results in permanent disability you really need to speak with the experienced lawyers at The Jennings Law Offices.  Permanent disability will change the work you are able to perform, or prevent you from being able to get any form of work in the future.  Both Kentucky and Indiana provide extensive benefits to those with Permanent Partial Disability or PPT or Permanent Total Disability or PTD.

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Temporary and Permanent Disability Benefits

Common Reasons for a Kentucky Workers’ Compensation Claim to be DeniedTemporary and permanent disability benefits differ by state in Indiana and Kentucky, and it is important to have an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to represent and protect your interests.

Disfigurement.  If a work injury has left you permanently scarred or disfigured or you have lost limbs or digits on your hands or feet, we can help.  You may qualify for additional benefits due to the job duties violating a safety rule or regulation.

Social Security.  If you are disabled and unable to return to work you may qualify for Social Security benefits in addition to your workers compensation benefits.  The experienced Social Security and workers compensation attorneys at The Jennings Law Offices can handle all of these claims.  We work to ensure you receive the maximum benefits you are entitled to under Kentucky and Indiana law as well as Social Security Disability Benefits.

Death Benefits.  If you have lost a family member or someone you love as the result of a workplace injury, we invite you to immediately contact the experienced wrongful death attorneys at The Jennings Law Offices.  We will work to ensure the Estate receives the appropriate death benefits and the surviving spouse and dependent child or children receive the maximum possible compensation for survivors.

“Your Claim is About More Than Money”

Hear from our founder, Ched Jennings, in this short video entitled “Your Claim is About More Than Money”:

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Contact an Experienced Kentucky and Indiana Workers Compensation Benefits Attorney

Ched Jennings Kentucky Workers Compensation Attorney Indiana Workers' CompHave you been injured at work in Indiana or Kentucky?  We invite you to review the recommendations of our clients and contact the Jennings Law Offices or call (502) 583-3882 for a free consultation and case evaluation.

Learn how we’ve been able to help countless workers to successfully appeal their denied workers comp claims to ensure they received the benefits to which they were entitled.  We work with you to help you to understand your rights, the workers compensation process and how to ensure you are approved for the benefits you deserve.

You can entrust your case to a proven fighter for the rights of Kentucky workers with more than 50 years of experience.

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What should I do if my employer or the insurance carrier denies my workers comp claim?

Often this is due to missing medical information and a comprehensive application. Our attorneys review your claim, organize the proper information and appeal your case to get you the benefits you deserve.

How do I know if the settlement offer is fair?

Workers comp insurance companies look for every opportunity to reduce the amount paid to you or your medical team. Our attorneys work to make sure you receive the maximum benefits you deserve.

What happens if my employer denies liability for my injury?

Employers and their insurance carriers often try to shift part or all of the blame away from themselves. Our attorneys help to prove your case, when and how you were injured or that work aggravated your condition.

What happens if I can't go back to work?

Our attorneys work to ensure you receive the maximum Permanent Partial Disability (PPT) or Permanent Total Disability (PTD) settlement you deserve. We also investigate your qualification for Social Security disability benefits.