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You have a lot of resources when you work with the Jennings Law Offices for you workers’ compensation, social security disability of personal injury case.  We invite you to check out our blog, videos, podcasts and social media.


One of the most accessed resources is our blog.  The blog provides regular updates and insights into the Jennings Law Offices and our founder, Ched Jennings, and our areas of practice.


Find answers to many of your workers’ compensation questions on our videos page.  Ched has worked to provide additional insight, information and resources in a format you can watch on the go or at home.  Most of the videos are fairly short so that you may access the information you seek and find answers to specific questions quickly and easily.


Our “Kentucky Workers’ Compensation Podcast” is hosted by Ched Jennings and provides another set of resources for information associated with workers’ compensation and disability in Kentucky.  Ched hosts the Kentucky Workers Compensation Podcast which discusses a broad range of issues associated with Kentucky workers’ compensation including, but not limited to, claiming benefits, filing a claim, questions regarding the use of the company doctor versus your own physician, and is a leading voice, advocate and defender of injured Kentucky workers and union representatives.  Ched has spent his entire 47 year career fighting for and protecting the rights of injured Kentucky workers from his law office in Louisville to our state agencies and Courts in Frankfort.

About Ched Jennings

Ched Jennings Kentucky Workers Compensation Attorney Indiana Workers' CompChed Jennings has over 47 years of experience fighting for the injured workers and union members of Kentucky including the filing of claims for work related injuries, workers compensation benefits, fighting denied work injury claims, and managing temporary or permanent disability resulting from a vast number of work-related injuries.

Ched Jennings has served as Commissioner of the Department of Workers’ Claims in 2000-2001, recently served on the 2016 Workers Compensation Task Force and has appeared many times over the years before the Legislature as a spokesperson for injured and disabled workers. His legal practice has primarily focused upon litigating workers’ compensation. In addition, Ched represents clients with Social Security Disability and Personal Injury issues.

Ched Jennings is the founder and president of CompEd, Inc., a Kentucky non-profit corporation, which has conducted annual educational seminars on workers’ compensation since 1990.

Ched is also the founder and officer of the Kentucky Worker’s Association, a Kentucky non-profit corporation, dedicated to representing the injured and disabled in Kentucky.  Ched is the founder of Jennings Law Offices and has appeared often as a speaker at seminars and Unions concerning workers compensation in Kentucky.

We hope you find the resources you are seeking and invite you to consider Jennings Law Offices if you are injured at work or suffer disability or an injury due to the negligence of another party.

If you’re in need of a proven, experienced workers’ compensation lawyer or have questions about a personal injury or social security disability claim in the Louisville, KY, area we invite you to:

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