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Workers’ compensation laws cover any type of work-related injury excluding only things such as horseplay, self-inflicted wounds and workers who are impaired by alcohol or drugs.  The most common types of work related injuries based upon the U.S. Department of Labor’s most recent workplace safety index include (but are not limited to):

Repetitive Motion – Repetitive motion over time can result in painful ailments to the neck, shoulder, arm and wrist as well as problems with your vision.  Carpel tunnel syndrome is a well known example of a repetitive motion injury or cumulative trauma.

Machine Injuries –  Assembly line, fabrication shop or any production facility workers that use machinery may be injured while operating their machine or station.  These work related injuries can unfortunately be quite severe and be due to violations of safety rules and regulations.

Overextension – This is one of the most common work related injuries in Kentucky, and usually occurs when you are in motion, pulling or pushing, lifting or lowering, carrying or moving.  Common injuries include torn or severely sprained muscles, tendon and ligament damage and back injuries such as spasms or herniated disks.

Vehicles in Motion – If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident during the course of your work many financial costs are covered by workers compensation.  This can include operating your own vehicle or company vehicles such as a delivery van or truck, forklifts, tractor-trailers, company cars or other equipment while you are at work.

Slip and Fall Injuries – Qualifying slip and fall injuries usually involve some sort of fluid or debris which should not be on the floor.  These injuries can be quite severe and include fractured limbs, head injuries as well as soft tissue injuries.

Falls and Falling Objects – The most common work related injuries in this category include falling from a ladder, scaffolding or lift, or products or merchandise which falls from a rack or shelving unit.  The weight and impact relating to these injuries can result in serious injury to arms and feet, as well as head and back injuries.  Falling can result in serious injuries including bone fractures, paralysis and traumatic brain injury or TBI.

An assault at work – If you are attacked by a co-worker or employee of a company while at work you may very well qualify for workers compensation for resulting injuries and missed work time.

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Have you been injured at work?  The most common types of work related injuries are listed above, but there are too many ways you can be injured at work or on a jobsite to list.  You may be facing a temporary or permanent disability and it is important to understand your rights and the compensation you are entitled to receive.  We invite you to review the recommendations of our clients and contact the Jennings Law Offices or call (502) 583-3882>> for a free consultation and case evaluation. Ched Jennings served as a Commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Workers’ Claims.  Our firm brings decades of experience and expertise to your case.

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