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How Can The Jennings Law Offices Help with Your Workers Comp Claim?

Why do you need a Kentucky or Indiana workers compensation attorney to ensure you receive the maximum workers compensation benefits to which you are entitled?  The Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA recently estimated that workers compensation only covers about 21 percent of the lost wages and medical bills encountered by injured workers and their families.  This isn’t because the workers compensation benefits are limited, it is because workers with valid claims are denied or suffer employer intimidation or retaliation.

The Jennings Law Offices are experienced Kentucky and Indiana workers compensation attorneys who work to ensure you receive the maximum benefits available to you based upon the unique circumstances of your case.  We hold the insurance companies accountable to ensure you are properly compensated.  If you have been denied workers compensation benefits in Kentucky or received a denial letter from the Indiana Workers’ Compensation Board we can help.

Our founder, Ched Jennings, served as a commissioner for the Kentucky Department of Workers’ Claims and brings decades of experience to workers comp cases.  Based in Louisville, The Jennings Law Offices puts the experience and reputation of a powerful law firm behind you and your case.

What are some Red Flags That Mean You Should Immediately Contact The Jennings Law Offices?

Your employer, or insurance carrier or denies your valid kentucky workers compensation claim or Indiana workers comp claim.  Unfortunately many valid workers compensation claims are denied in Kentucky and Indiana.  Often this is due to a lack of medical evidence, proper documentation or physical evidence relating to the injury and how and where it occurred.  We will review your case and organize the proper information and documentation to appeal your case and obtain the benefits you deserve.

The settlement or payment offered is too low.  Workers compensation insurance companies are looking for every opportunity to reduce the amount paid to you or your medical providers.  The attorneys at The Jennings Law Office hold the insurance companies accountable to make sure you receive the maximum benefits which you deserve.  Do not sign anything or accept a payment that is too low without contacting us for a free consultation at (502) 583-3882.

Your employer denies liability for your claim.  Employers or their insurance companies often attempt to shift responsibility for part or all of your valid workers comp claim back to YOU or your regular private insurance or Medicare.  The insurance company will claim you were hurt outside of work or on your personal time, or had a pre-existing injury.  Our lawyers can help you to prove when and where it happened, or that your injury at work aggravated an existing condition making it worse.

You aren’t able to go back to work.  If your injuries result in temporary or permanent disability and you can’t go back to the same job or are unable to work at all, The Jennings Law Offices can help.  We will ensure you receive the maximum Permanent Partial Disability (PPT) or Permanent Total Disability (PTD) settlement you deserve.  In addition, you may qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits.  The Jennings Law Office will handle your workers compensation and social security cases to maximize your benefits so that you can focus on recovering from what has happened and move forward with your life.

Contact an Experienced Kentucky or Indiana Workers Compensation Attorney

Why do you need a Kentucky or Indiana workers compensation attorney to ensure you receive the maximum workers compensation benefits to which you are entitled?  Too many valid workers compensation claims are denied or go unclaimed.  We apply our decades of experience to your case to ensure you understand your rights and receive the workers compensation benefits you are entitled to.  We invite you to review the recommendations of our clients and contact the Jennings Law Offices or call (502) 583-3882 for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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