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Listen to the Episodes of the Kentucky Workers’ Compensation Podcast:


Podcast Yellow Freight and Your Workers Comp Benefits






Episode 7: Louisville workers’ compensation attorney Ched Jennings is joined by Rodney Britton. He’s the Teamsters Local 89 Business Agent. Recently we learn that Yellow Freight is going out of business. Hear an informed and insightful conversation about how the Yellow Freight bankruptcy impacts your workers’ compensation benefits. This is definitely on the minds of employees who suffered work-related injuries while working for the company. Many of them are Teamsters in our local community.

Podcast Local 70 Ironworker Shares a Remarkable Story






Episode 6: Louisville workers’ compensation attorney Ched Jennings is joined in the studio by his client, Kevin. Kevin was an ironworker at Local 70, in Louisville. He was badly injured in a fall, resulting in his being totally disabled. After 20 years of prescription narcotics, under the care of his doctor, he contacted Ched and they worked with the doctor, a workers’ comp judge and a terrific program. Kevin no longer needs the medication and wants to tell others about how Ched helped to change his life.







Episode 5:  Louisville workers’ compensation attorney Ched Jennings is joined in the studio by a client who sustained a career ending back injury at UPS.  They just concluded a successful settlement of the workers’ comp claim and it’s had a significant impact on his client’s life and future.


Podcast Client Discusses Her Severe Hand Injury






Episode 4: Louisville workers’ compensation attorney Ched Jennings is joined in the studio by a client who sustained a severe hand injury while working in a local plant. His client will discuss what happened and how Ched successfully handled her workers’ comp claim.


Podcast A Conversation with Commissioner Rob Walker






Episode 3: Louisville workers’ compensation attorney Ched Jennings is joined by Kentucky Department of Workers’ Claims Commissioner Rob Walker in today’s episode.


Podcast Filing for Kentucky Workers Compensation Benefits






Episode 2: Louisville workers’ compensation attorney Ched Jennings provides a general overview of the Kentucky workers’ compensation system. He explains what you need to know regarding your claim and benefits. He’ll discuss the process for filing for workers’ compensation benefits in Kentucky.


Podcast Meet Ched Jennings of the Jennings Law Offices






Episode 1: Louisville workers’ compensation attorney Ched Jennings launches his new podcast today. During our conversation, we’ll learn more about Ched’s 45 years of practicing on behalf of injured Kentucky workers. This episode sets the stage and lays the foundation for future episodes. Let’s join in to learn more.


The Kentucky Workers’ Compensation Podcast will provide interesting insight into many of the important topics associated with Workers’ Compensation in Kentucky.  The podcast will cover a broad range of topics associated with workers’ compensation, workers’ comp benefits, common types of work-related injuries, temporary and permanent disability claims, and what to do if your Kentucky workers’ compensation claim is denied.

Ched Jennings, founder of the Jennings Law Offices and the host of the Kentucky Workers’ Compensation Podcast is a leading voice in Kentucky Workers’ Compensation.  He began his career in 1976 by serving as legal counsel to the Workers’ Compensation Board and began his private practice in 1979.  Ched served on the Governor’s Workers’ Compensation Task Force in 1986-87 and credited with designing the current full-time Board and Administrative Law system.

Ched further served as Commissioner of the Department of Workers’ Claims in 2000-2001 and recently served on the 2016 Workers’ Compensation Task Force and has appeared many times over the years before the Legislature as a spokesperson for injured and disabled workers. His legal practice has primarily focused upon litigating workers’ compensation, Social Security and personal injury cases.

Ched is the founder and president of CompEd, Inc., a Kentucky non-profit corporation, which has conducted annual educational seminars on workers’ compensation since 1990. Most recently, CompEd 2022 Virtual provided an on-line workers compensation and ethics CLE resource for Kentucky attorneys. Ched is also the founder and officer of the Kentucky Worker’s Association, a Kentucky non-profit corporation, dedicated to representing the injured and disabled in Kentucky.