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Severe Hand Injury

Episode 4: Louisville workers’ compensation attorney Ched Jennings is joined in the studio by a client who sustained a severe hand injury while working in a local plant. His client will discuss what happened and how Ched successfully handled her workers’ comp claim.

The Jennings Law Offices
Ched is currently in his 45th year of practicing law and supporting injured Kentucky workers. He explains that most of the litigation involves fighting insurance companies and employers. Ched works hard to make sure injured workers receive the benefits they deserve.

Once an injury occurs, especially a severe injury similar to what his guest sustained, peoples’ concerns about what they will do and how they will provide for their families. It can be a scary situation. Ched explains that there’s a partnership in workers’ compensation claims. Everyone should be focused on the injured worker’s recovery. The partners are the employers, the injured worker and the doctors. If any 1 of the partner aren’t working hard toward the objective, there’s going to be a problem.

Severe Hand Injury at Plant episode with attorney Ched Jennings

Do I Qualify for Kentucky Workers’ Compensation Benefits?
If you are injured in a work-related accident in Kentucky, you generally qualify. This applies regardless of whether your live in another state, or your employer is in another state. Kentucky workers’ compensation benefits are often better than those offered by other states.

Contacting Ched and the Jennings Law Offices doesn’t cost any money. Ched and his team can help you to determine if you qualify and to help explain how Kentucky law may be able to work to your benefit. A significant benefit is that you have the right to select your own doctor. Ched discussed the importance of this right in Episode 2 of his podcast.

Ched Introduces His Client, Jazmin
Jazmin is a young woman who sustained a severe hand injury at a packing plant in Louisville. As a result of the Kentucky workers’ compensation claim Ched handled for her, he was able to:
• Protect her rights to get future medical treatment
• Secured a very significant settlement for Jazmin
• Provided Jazmin the option of using an annuity to ensure part of her settlement would provide monthly payments to her for the next 20 years
• She’ll be able to go to college to pursue a degree
• Jazmin will be able to continue working to provide for her and her family

Disclaimer: Please note, there is no guarantee of results. Each claim involves its own facts and situation. The outcome of your claim may vary.

Meet Jazmin
Jazmin worked 12-hour night shifts at a local packing plant. The evening started out like any other night. Jazmin was an operator who usually worked on one of the new lines. However, this shift, she was moved to an older line. These older lines were known to have problems.

Just before the injury, the line stopped working. She and others began working to get it restarted. That’s when her hand got caught in the machinery. She fought to keep from passing out.

Ched comments that in Kentucky, workers’ compensation is a no-fault system. You do not have to prove negligence. The fact that the injury happened at work means it qualifies to be filed as a workers’ comp claim. It’s not about who was at fault or why it happened.

After the accident, Jazmin was rushed to the hospital. Several family members work at the plant with her. Her dad was able to help her find Ched and the Jennings Law Offices. She felt a good connection with Ched, from the moment the first began speaking about her situation.

Working with Ched Jennings
Jazmin explains that regardless of when she called (morning, afternoon or night), she would always either speak directly with Ched, or he’d call her back. She was surprised how accessible he was. Jazmin goes on to explain that he was always there to explain things, answer questions and to help her with her ups and downs through it all.

Treating Clients Like Family
Ched explains that he tries to always treat his clients like family. They aren’t just cases on the desk. They are real people with real problems who need real answers. He wants to focus on his clients and their claims with extra-effort. Whether that means gathering the information and evidence or negotiating for the best possible outcome, he knows his clients want to have a productive future and life.

There are many issues in a Kentucky workers’ compensation claim. Injured workers deal with the impact of their injuries, dealing with insurance, payments, treatment and many other day-to-day needs. Ched works through these either for or with his clients.

The Decision to Set Up an Annuity for the Settlement
When a client receives a large sum of money as part of their Kentucky workers’ compensation settlement, protecting that money can be a concern. One option is to consider using an annuity. If set up correctly, it can ensure that the benefits remain tax-free.

In Jazmin’s case, the funds will now be distributed via monthly payments over the next 20 years. It also means that if something were to happen to her, her estate would continue to receive the balance of those payments.

Jazmin will be able to go back to work and that won’t affect her payments. They will continue to arrive as promised.

Jazmin explains that she’s always liked working. She wants to go back to school to be able to graduate and continue working toward her goals, regardless of her severe hand injury.

Injured workers do not have to use an annuity. This is an option available to them, but it may not fit every situation. In this case, Ched discussed the idea with Jazmin and she approved the use of an annuity for the bulk of the settlement funds.

Judges are also involved approving the settlements. They like knowing the injured worker will continue to receive benefits over time. The goal is to try to restore the worker’s ability to move forward. Financial security and stability can play a significant role in that process.

According to Kentucky law, attorney’s fees for workers’ compensation settlements are capped. It’s not like a car wreck wherein the fees could absorb a very large portion of the settlement. The bulk of the workers’ comp settlement should always go to the benefit of the injured worker.

Jazmin Looks to the Future
Now that the claim has been settled, Jasmin explains the first thing she wants to do is to buy a house. She wants to go back and finish school. She’ll also have the ability to help her family. Family’s important and they’ve been there for her. Now, she can do the same for them.

Jazmin Recommends Ched Jennings and the Jennings Law Offices
Jazmin sensed a connection with Ched from the beginning. She knew he’d be there for her whenever she needed help with anything. She sincerely appreciated the fact that most of the time, Ched was able to immediately speak with her and begin working on issues or answering questions she had.

Ched remarks that this was a rewarding case because they were able to reach their goals. He takes pride in helping especially the seriously injured Kentucky workers. Ched helps them to work through the most traumatic period of their lives and does his best to help them to move forward. He wants to help them to regain their hope.

Ched comments that there’s too many situations in which the insurance companies try to tell the doctors how to treat their patients. There are too many games that can be played along the way, especially when injured people are most vulnerable. It shouldn’t happen that way. Ched and his team walk into the office each day with that mission in mind.

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