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Safety Violations and Workers’ Comp

Hello, I’m Ched Jennings, Founder of the Jennings Law Offices in Louisville.  Workplace safety is a big concern for everybody – employers AND employees.  As a Kentucky workers’ compensation attorney with over 40 years of experience, believe me, I’ve seen some horrible injuries due to safety violations.  Some might involve minor injuries such as a cut or scrape.  Others might result in a broken bone, head injury or amputation.  In the most tragic cases, the safety violation could result in a workplace fatality.  These injuries don’t need to happen and they shouldn’t happen.

Let’s be honest, a safe work place should be a priority.  Unfortunately, sometimes companies try to cut corners.

This might include:

  • Machines that aren’t properly maintained
  • Safety guards that are missing or altered
  • Failure to provide workers with safety glasses, hard hats and gloves and even safety harnesses.

Safety violations put workers at risk, usually for no other reason than a focus on profits.  That isn’t right and your injury may be a direct result of greed, rather than a concern for the safety of the company’s workers and machine operators.

Luckily for Kentucky workers, there’s a safety violations and workers’ comp come together to help the injured worker.  If there’s an OSHA or other safety violation related to your work injury, your workers’ compensation benefits can be increased by 30%.

We can talk more about all of this, during our initial interview. Remember, at the Jennings Law Offices, there’s no charge for my initial interview with you.  Safety violations and workers’ comp benefits should be a concern of any company.  When they aren’t, I’m here to hold them responsible to the injury they caused my client.

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Listen to this podcast of a Louisville worker who suffered a serious hand injury:


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