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Understand Your Duty to Notify

I’m Ched Jennings, Jennings Law Offices. So, you’ve been hurt on the job. Did you know the law requires you to provide notice of your work injury to your employer? You have a legal duty to notify a supervisor, manager or somebody else with management about your injury.

If they don’t know about your work injury, it could prevent you from receiving your benefits. It doesn’t have to be a written injury report.  It doesn’t have to be provided on the day of the injury. However, you need to make sure it gets done as soon as possible.

As a worker in Kentucky, you have specific rights to workers’ compensation benefits, if you’re injured on the job. These benefits will pay your medical expenses, pay you a portion of your wages while you’re off work and much more. Kentucky has some of the best workers’ comp benefits in the country. However, if you don’t understand your duty to notify your employer, you may lose some or all of these valuable benefits.

Worried Your Employer Might Retaliate Against You?

Some injured workers decide not to notify their employers, because they’re worried they might get fired if they file for workers’ compensation benefits.  The truth is the law is on your side.  An employer is not allowed to retaliate against an injured employee because he/she filed for workers’ comp.  In fact, if they try to retaliate, they will face severe financial penalties.

We’ll talk more about this during my initial interview with you.  Call my office to schedule a convenient time for us to meet.  Our phone number is (502) 583-3882.  I handle cases across the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Again, I’m Ched Jennings. Thanks for taking a minute to listen. I look forward to hearing from you, soon.

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