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What Is Maximum Medical Improvement?

I’m Ched Jennings, Founder of the Jennings Law Offices.  Let’s talk about a term called Maximum Medical Improvement, or MMI.  You’re really going to get to know this term.  If you’ve been injured on the job, you should qualify for Kentucky workers’ comp benefits.  However, as you’ve seen in many of my other videos, your benefits have various components, including the ultimate settlement value of your claim.  Before we can settle your claim, you’re doctor will have to determine you’ve reached maximum medical improvement.

This is the point where your medical improvement has plateaued.  It doesn’t mean you’re done with workers’ comp benefits.  It doesn’t mean you’re not going to need future medical treatment.  It simply means you’ve reached your best level of improvement following your work injury.

Not so surprising, doctors can have differing opinions as to the date you reach MMI.  From a workers’  comp benefits standpoint, this date is important because it changes how your benefits are calculated and the amount you receive.

As your Kentucky workers’ compensation attorney, I’ll work to ensure your effective date of maximum medical improvement is fair and objective.  I won’t simply take the opinion of the company doctor.  They’re not always on your side.  For more information about this point, watch this brief video:  It just might surprise you.  Most injured workers are shocked at the games that are being played behind the seems, and often without your knowledge.

We’ll talk more about MMI during our initial interview.  We don’t charge for your initial discussion, but you will learn about your rights and how the Jennings Law Offices may be able to help.  Our office phone number is (502) 583-3882.

Again, I’m Louisville Kentucky workers’ compensation attorney Ched Jennings.  Thanks for listening.

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