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Know Your Rights To Medical Care Other Than Company Doctors

It is important to know your Kentucky Workers Compensation rights to medical care other than company doctors to ensure you receive proper treatment, diagnosis, treatment and ultimately compensation.  Following the occurrence of your work injury, it is important for you seek immediate and appropriate medical care. Though obtaining medical treatment through your employers’ workers compensation carrier can be a frustrating task, you will be much better equipped to handle potential difficulties if you are aware of your rights. This article will outline all of the things you NEED TO KNOW WHEN TREATING FOR YOUR WORK INJURY.

First, and most importantly, in Kentucky you have the right to select your own physician to treat the effects of your work injury. It is common for employers to have “company doctors” that they require you to see following a work injury. Though you are required to submit to evaluation by a doctor of your employer’s choosing, you are also entitled to select the physician with whom you wish to get treatment. Your rights to medical care other than company doctors is provided under Kentucky Workers Compensation law.

Selecting a physician that you trust is very important. If you are looking for a treating specialist, try talking with your primary care provider, family, and friends for recommendations to reputable treatment providers. If you already have a primary care provider that you trust, this person can be selected as your physician of record and direct treatment to specialists.

Once you have determined the physician with whom you would like to treat, you must simply inform your employer of your choice. When communicating your physician selection to your employer, be sure find out the following information: how will it take to get the appointment scheduled; how will I be notified of approval or denial; and when should I expect to hear back from you concerning this appointment.  If your employer attempts to prevent you from selecting your own physician, contact our offices immediately.

Now that you’ve gotten your physician selected, you should soon learn what your treatment recommendations are going to be. Every recommendation for treatment must be approved by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier. At some point in your treatment, workers’ compensation may deny medical care that has been recommended.

Once treatment is denied a worker has a couple of options to continue seeking medical care. Once a procedure has been denied by workers’ compensation, the law allows the worker to utilize his own healthcare plan to cover treatment. If you choose to proceed with treatment using your own healthcare plan following denial by workers’ compensation, make sure to keep copies of all medical bills as these will become a part of your workers’ compensation lawsuit.

Alternatively, if you are unable to proceed with the medical treatment that you need for relief and cure of your work injury, you may be forced to wait until such time as the court orders your employer to cover your medical treatment. If you have reached a standstill with your treatment due to an inability to pay for the medical expenses, be sure to let your attorney know as this can affect the strategy of your case.

You have rights to medical care other than company doctors recommended by your employer.  Your health is very important, so make sure that you seek out the appropriate medical care needed to address your traumatic work injury. If at any point obtaining appropriate medical treatment begins to feel an overwhelming task, don’t hesitate to contact us at Jennings Law Offices (502) 583-3882>> to discuss your options and develop your personalized strategy.   The right workers compensation attorneys can make a significant difference in your case.  Learn how our decades of experience and Ched Jennings’ service as a commissioner for the Kentucky Department of Workers’ Claims provides informed insight and strength behind your case.

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